Windows command prompt reference

Windows command prompt reference

windows command prompt reference

The list of commands available in the command line shell for Windows 7 and a brief explanation of their functions are given.
An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line. recycle bin CLIP Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard CLS Clear the screen• CMD Start a new CMD shell.
Short Bytes: Command Prompt or CMD is a command line interpreter in the Windows family of operating systems created by Microsoft..

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Starts a program in new window, or opens a document. A suite of various commands. Not in XP Copies files and folders. A few environment variables are used by the command interpreter itself. Using PROMPT without any parameters sets the prompt back to the directory path. To each elementary test, "not" can be applied. Perl is a scripting language originating in the environment of another operating system.

Keywords: return code, exit code, exit status. Servermanagercmd Deprecated Install or remove roles, role services, and features. Displays or sets file attributes. The touch command would modify the last-modification timestamp of a file without changing its content. See also: a categorized list of Windows CMD commands. Can be ended using ENDLOCAL. Similes metaphors grinch song and Windows command line tips. Not an IT pro? Searches for text string patterns in a file using regular expressions. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Note Each command-line tool topic displays the version of Windows that is supported by the command-line tool. Once on its command like, type "? Using command redirection operators. Born To Learn blog. Command-line tools must be run at the prompt of the command interpreter. There are, however, four main components: Command lines can contain variable specifications. The command interpreter runs all of the simple commands in the pipeline in parallel. Is this page helpful?

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  • However, if a different drive letter is used, it does not switch to that different drive or volume. Collapse the table of content. Unlike FINDSTRit cannot search folders recursively, cannot search for a regular expression, requires quotation marks around the sought string, and treats space literally rather than as a logical or.
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